One month later

One month ago (and two days) my life changed forever.

On February 11, our baby girl was born.

To describe all the feelings with words alone is nearly impossible. But it’s been an overwhelming, joyful and challenging time with lots of love and little sleep. But all that is fine, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. She is here, healthy and we are getting to know her more and more each day.

A funny thing with this big change is that the daily routine I had before quickly went out the window. And new ones have slowly been established. It truly is a full-time job taking care of a newborn. And all else had to be put aside, or wait. I’m starting to find an hour here and there to do things that not only is necessary (like household chores and feeding myself) but that I want to do (like writing this and catching up with emails etc).

I’m not sure though how much I will write here in the near future. My priorities have drastically changed and the time I have between naps is precious. More so than I thought beforehand. I’m coming back to my writing course and am working on the next assignment whenever I have the time and energy for it. That, among all the other things to manage and take care of around the house in daily life.

Spring is in full bloom after the winter storms which is wonderful. It also makes me want to be more outdoors, hanging in the garden reading books and go walking in the countryside.

So for now, I’m enjoying life and will probably be more present on twitter than writing blogs for a while coming.


The All Souls Trilogy

Since October of last year I have followed the characters through the first and second book of the All Souls Trilogy (these are thick ones). I found the first book, A Discovery of Witches, by accident really. Or I shall say, thanks to Bookcrossing, and someone leaving it in a public place where I picked it up when I happened to be back home in Sweden. The timing with these findings of wild released books are crucial, and makes it even more fun when it is something you really come to enjoy.

After all, I haven’t been drawn to stories about witches, vampires and daemons at all before. But I decided to give it a try, and it wasn’t long before I was hooked. So much that I had to get the second book, Shadow of Night, right after I was done with the first one.

The third one I have to wait for, until July. Here are the intro slogans to tickle your interest.

It began with absence and desire.
It began with blood and fear.
It began with A Discovery of Witches.

It continued with a journey
into the Shadow of Night.

This summer, find out what the witches discovered in The Book of Life . . .

I this makes you intrigued at all, check out the books and their full descriptions here.

Oh, and if you are a fellow bookcrosser from Sweden (or can read Swedish) I am happy to send you the first book so it keeps on travelling. Just leave me a comment, use the contact form or send me a message through the bookcrossing site or twitter.

Superstar and Gratitude

superstar-blogger-awardA while ago I was nominated for the Superstar Blogger Award by Laurel over at Alphabet Salad. I’m really grateful for the mention and will hereby answer some questions that came with it:

  1. What is the funniest thing about you?
    Well, I’d like to believe I have a sense of humour but I don’t go around cracking jokes just for the sake of it…
  2. Who is your favorite personality?
    Hmm, tricky one. I like to be around people who are equally social but not too loud in nature if that makes sense.
  3. What is your lucky thing?
    I have never won anything major in competitions or lottery. But I feel very lucky to be where I’m at in my life right now.
  4. What is your favorite weather?
    I really look forward to spring, that is my favourite season. I like it to be warm and dry, but not too hot. A nice winter day with snow and sun is also nice.
  5. A name that you want to give me.

And here is the weekly Gratitude Linkup which you can add yourself to during this week. Here’s what I’m most grateful for right now:

  • Again, the mention for the award above, thank you so much Laurel.
  • The different online communities that inspires me to give back, makes me motivated to write and gives me perspective on different topics.
  • Good relationships with family back home and in-laws checking in with me how I’m doing.
  • A surprise that came in the mail the other day. A book from a fellow bookcrosser I met in Leeds during the annual convention back in September last year.
  • A husband who makes homemade bread, and likes the process of baking it.
  • After more heavy rain yesterday, there’s a sunny start of today.

On Creating New Habits 2014: January Mindfulness

It feels like my brain has shut down a bit and all my body want is to rest and/or sleep. I guess this is normal in the third trimester, being only weeks from the due date. And even though I like being pregnant, it is a bit frustrating to have so little energy right now. I really have to be careful about how I spend it so the most important things actually gets done throughout the day.

I am a fan of creating habits and having a routine in daily life. I am not always so good at following up and really sticking to it in the long run though. It’s like an invisible switch in me. If I’m joining a challenge – be it exercising or writing – once that program/challenge/timeline is up, well I have a hard time motivating myself to keep going. Because it’s done, right.

And it doesn’t matter how many books you read on the subject, unless you put them into action, it just won’t work.

So, I decided to try out following some of Zen Habits advice and in a moment of inspiration I joined the Sea Change Program where you work with adding or improving one habit a month for the year of 2014. You can follow the monthly suggestions or you can create your own if the once chosen doesn’t suit you.

For January it is Mindfulness. And the challenge is to meditate 2-5 min a day to start with. It changes each week and by the end of the month you should have created a new habit that you feel is working for you on a daily basis. If you like it, you keep it. Pretty simple, right. That’s the intention anyway.

These days, when listening to my meditation track it takes me less than 10 minutes and BAM! I am fast asleep. Hopefully my brain pick up the message anyway but who knows. At least I can relax and wind down easily which I am grateful for. Especially when I have had a bad nights sleep for whatever reason.

Anyway, so sitting meditation works better. Walking meditation isn’t really my thing, and being mindful while eating is tricky since I often start thinking of what to do next instead of getting my mind to a quiet place. It’s all about practice but I also think you should do what feels like a good fit and not force anything just because.

My intention is to stick to the program, but being realistic, I will probably have to adjust it or take a month out before things are settled after baby is home safe and sound. And really, finding just five minutes a day to sit and breathe will probably feel like a luxury by then.


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